Saturday, June 20, 2009

Black Widow vs Silver Fire

I've ranted quite a bit about MississippiMan and his delusional state of being. Why is he this way? Because he knows we're right and he's wrong. I've talked several times of MississippiMan getting back on his horse to ride back into diy screens to save the day. One of the first things he did was to put together a 'shootout' of his silver fire versus Black Widow. It was some of the finest egg I've ever seen on his face. Firstly, he cannot take a picture worth a darn - he's actually been caught photoshopping his photos! Secondly, everyone like Black Widow more than his silver fire!

Thanks for the great work.

In this screenshot BW-EW looks to produce similair blacks, but noticeably whiter whites than the silverscreen panel. In the other shots, the difference isn't nearly as apparent.

Do you feel that going with BW-EW will give a noticeable improvement over silverscreen without impacting the blacks? (with full light control and a Benq w10000)

Another comment

I think that HAS to be an illusion resulting of looking at screenshots over the web on a computer screen. It's a fact the BW is a darker version, therefore has to produce darker blacks. The other advantage of a darker screen is light tolerance, which seems to be the quest here.

I have BW up on 110" from 14', and my Samsung 720p (ae710) is no light cannon, and my whites on the PGA events are blooming to the point I'm dialing down the contrast. (with rear high hats at 50%)

So (maybe it's my particular setup) I'm patiently waiting and reading for Wbassett and Mech to have an even darker version.....

Then as my bulb ages (~300hours now) I can go back to BW....then BW-EW....what a wonderful time to be alive !
Yet another.... still no one asking about his silver fire or commenting on how 'it blows away the widow'! lol!

This shot favors the BW rolled the most. You can see the comparison of the blacks and whites relative to the RS Maxxmud and Kilz2 white. In person, how are you liking your BW-EW mix compared to BW?
But all this is in the past. ;)

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