Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's a link to the Iowa Secretary of State's database entry for Liquiscreen. Liquiscreen is owned by Garry L. Stoner. The same Garry L. Stoner is prof55 at AVS forums. prof55 is the moderator of the diy screen section at avs. In summary, an owner of a for profit company is moderating the forums at avs. Conflict of interest? To say the least....

Maurice, aka as MississippiMan, is the major contributor to avs. He is the owner of Invisible Stereo. You know, those speakers that you bury in your wall and are sub par to the lowest form of non-invisible speaker? Go take a look at that site and see that he's still dealing in the diy paint business. When it opens, click on view and source in your browser's menu. Under the meta tags you can still see these listed:

black flame
light fusion
black flame light fusion
Obviously Maurice is still trying to screw people over by charging them a small fortune. They (pb-maxx aka Pete is still involved) like to state that they are professional mixes. But let's face it, they don't have the money to mix up a large vat of their poo and sit on it for many months. The original mix sold so well they had to cut prices 50% shortly after opening up shop. Then, after business continued to boom (that's tongue-in-cheek ;) ), they had to supposedly drop their online business so that Maurice could schlep his silver tongued wares to the unsuspecting at avs.

So what is so wrong about their mix? I think that will have to be a post by my friend wbassett! ;) Suffice it to say that it's not just the loads of prismatic mica that are included in the mix. Or the large quantity of color shifting over time polyurethane. It's something so simple that neither the carpet bagger of our time (Maurice) or the artist (Pete) can figure it out. What does that say about these two individuals? Don't get me wrong, Pete is a smart cookie. However one has to question who he associates with.

Harpmaker recently said it would take no more than a couple of weekends to fix Silver Fire into a usable mix. I think it would take a day. These guys (Maurice and Pete) have changed the formula no less than 4 times and they still can't figure it out...

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