Friday, February 6, 2009

Yet another reason to avoid AVS is the vitriol attacks constantly taking place. And these things can occur for no apparent reason. Take this thread for example. You've got wbassett offering up some sound advice and right from the 'get go' a couple of insignificant folks start spouting off about the pictures. Nothing at all said about the post or it's context, just a bunch of hub-a-baloo about the pictures being over exposed and them being fakes. I for one know otherwise. They are my pictures and they are no fakes. They are photos though, photos taken on 'auto' settings. The original pictures with a real review of Da-Lite's screen materials can be found here.

So throughout that thread at AVS, folks cannot put two and two together and figure out the simplistic reason for the photos looking like they do. When the pj was calibrated for the High Power it was mounted on a table. And when it was calibrated for the Siler Matte, it was mounted from the ceiling. When one calibrates a screen material, they do so with the projector in the optimum position. After finally seeing someone there get it (jib-jab), I was done looking/reading that thread.

Much to my surprise, today tryg himself posted in that thread. And thrust upon us his lack of understanding the simplest of things. jib-jab came back to the rescue yet again and summed it up with this beautiful post. That individual has impeccable taste!

With 9000+ posts, I think you haven't read any of the pertinent posts in this thread. The other option was that you really didn't have a grasp of the subject matter. I think I'd give you the benefit of the doubt.

It's relatively easy to render a retro-reflective screen 'average'. All one has to do is be a bit more cerebral about it. Think about it. And I'll throw this out there again. One material is retro, the other angular. The certified calibrator (lcaillo) figured it out in no time... as did I.

Then again, I've seen mech's reviews (he or she actually does them with large samples and with spectro readings to support his/her findings - a refreshing change from here!) at the other place. I think wbassett & company are heads and tails above what we see here. Maybe that's the cause of the hostility?

Sometimes it's tough to see through the rhetoric here and you only add to it.
No wonder most folks like me lurk.

Back to lurk mode.

Good stuff! tryg and I are in agreement on one thing though, there are a number of commercial screens that are very cheap that you can get that will perform as well or better than any diy screen. Check out Elite Screens.

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wbassett said...

I gave up on the thread there because it was obvious that some either just didn't get the message, or were intentionally trying to pick a fight.

I did leave out that the HP is a retro-reflective screen and the Silver Matte isn't, but anyone that knows screens should have picked up on that right away. Was it a trick? Absolutely not. The point was to demonstrate how much a calibration and proper projector setup can make a huge difference. I also wanted to see if anyone would pick up on that.

There was a comment made that I didn't take the pictures, and that is true, but does the fact that mech took them and mech happens to belong to our development team really make a difference? Wouldn't that be like saying since pb creates the mixes, Maurice shouldn't be allowed to post about them or claim them as his? Since they are a team I have no problem with that at all... but somehow because mech took the pictures and I made the post and wrote the post- somehow that was an evil and underhanded thing. Double standards abound bigtime!

Now, one of the reasons for that thread was because their most senior member that also sells his own brand of screen paint commercially has been caught red handed taking screenies where everything is calibrated and setup to his screen and no calibration to the other is ever done. This misleads people and it happens there all the time.

It was very interesting though to see that some people there really don't seem to understand calibration at all. I base that on the comments they made as well as statements that calibration won't make a difference. Ask any 'real' professional installer or an ISF or THX certified person and they will whole heartedly disagree.

Calibration is very important and that was the message of that thread. Instead of being looked at as good solid information being freely given, some wanted to start a flame war. Funny though, at no time did I ever mention a DIY method. In fact that's specifically why commercial screens were used.

Prof55 suggested and wants another comparison between a regular white screen and a darker gray screen. We have those as well, but why even bother showing it? The same thing would happen is all.

In the end it's not about what works or what's real information over there, it's about what 'sounds good' and how much a person can hype their screen and shout the loudest.

Question... how can they claim to make superior DIY screens when half of them do not even understand commercial screens nor do they believe in proper calibration? I'll even go as far as say a good chunk of the people there dishing out the advice to others have never even seen a real commercial screen in action.